Do the old ways of doing Work & Business feel outdated?

Are you tired of the hustle & grind?

Do you know there’s an easier way to Align with Wealth?

We invite you to Step into the New Paradigm of Business 


This 8-week program will guide you step-by-step to heal worthiness wounds, claim your soul confidence & clarity through ceremony with the Earth, and position you to serve the world & leverage your wealth.

Imagine if you had space to honor your inner rhythm and had a thriving, profitable and regenerative career…

Imagine if the Universe spoke to you directly; guiding you every step of the way to experience work that FEELS GOOD, that is PROFITABLE, and that GIVES BACK

Imagine if you could heal your family lineage in all things worthiness… Imagine


You are past making your work be about the money. You have evolved from that. You care about fulfillment and about making a difference in the way your Soul was destined for.

The old way of pushing things to “make it happen” and the strategies of the past (or of most) feel outdated and they don’t fit who you are or what actually serves humanity. 

You are evolving and it and been hard to find the people that get you and to really land in what the new evolved way of actualizing your calling. It’s not your fault. You have evolved faster than most of the world, and so of course there is a disconnect! 

The truth is that in many ways you are leading the way for many, whether you want to admit it or not, or even see this for yourself. It can feel lonely at the forefront and I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

The new paradigm of life and business is here; at its inception yet very here.

We can have it all; Honoring Ourselves, Building Generational Wealth & Creating a World that is more Equitable & Regenerative


Many who are heart focused have de-prioritized wealth in the pursuit of wellness and doing good, and by doing so we have lost some power.

The power has historically been in the hands of those who have not valued the Earth’s sustainability or Humanity’s well-being & equitability. It is up to us to shift this power dynamic, for the good of all.

It is time for us to stand in our worthiness, accept that being powerful is our birthright, and trust that we will do what is good for the Earth & Humanity.

The New Paradigm is very different than anything the world has experienced- we need each other to shift the consciousness of the collective, but we cannot do it without funds.

We are the ones who will fund the liberation and evolution movement; it is up to us!


You are smart, and have precious lived & work experience, and all that matters. And there is something calling you deeper; to a place of soul evolution.

You are being called to be a part of raising the consciousness of humanity in new profound & unique ways. Ways, only you can bring. And it all has to work with your precious rhythm.

You are needed now. Your soul has a vision & mission for you, and it is time to fully clarify and align this destined path, and most importantly live it every day. There is a way to work that is regenerative for you as a human & as a soul.

There is a way to be constantly changing & evolving and having your central message stay the same; I promise. We will show you!

We will help you using your Astrology + Human Design charts!


You have a heart, you want to serve, you have worries & other human things that sometimes cloud the process and what ceremony does is it neutralizes it; the doubt, the fears, the inner b.s. and drops us into receiving the messages directly from the Earth. When we listen with humility & just enough ego to take action, the magic unfolds

Then the dreams become reality in doing work that feels like sweet worship and pure play while being grounded in this plane.

The magic is within you already and this 8-week course will allow & expand it clearly so that you can serve at new levels, build your benevolent wealth, and give to the causes you love.

Non-appropriating ceremony is the most honest way to ground the magic, serve humanity & clearly hear the directives of the Earth, for you.

Let's merge the energetic with the material and show the world how benevolent power can impact the world.


  • Compassionately & gently tease out past disappointments & failures, and all lingering fears and transmute their hold on us so that we can align our vibration and frequency to what we truly hold dear in our heart.
  • Activate your confidence by creating a soulful and aligned framework of your genius. This will be the tool to use to simplify and magnify your voice so that those who are praying for you can spot you right away.
  • Play in the mystery of listening to the Earth and our ancestors and listen & act according to the instructions given in such deep loving space.
  • Create a wealth building plan that aligns with your values, is solid yet ahead of the curve, and ensures regenerative wealth.

We stand & support women, femmes & all humans to be their full selves, embody their power & show the world how new conscious forward thinking paradigms can dismantle a system that works for few into one that allows all to thrive.

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Healing the negative imprinted memories from past failures & disappointments, and releasing the old way of doing things.

Activating creative vibrations through multiple cutting edge + ancient tools.

You will relax into worthiness and be open to receive the goodness that life wants to lay at your feet.


Deep dive into what is important in your Astrology & Human Design charts. We will strip these complex systems and pull what you MOST need to feel confident and in full conviction of your medicine, your genius, and your offering to the Earth. 

You will uncover your soul mission & your unique path to wholeness.


Your gifts need a home and a reproducible model to teach it and market it; the framework will make it easy to talk about what you do & how you help people without you having to fumble your words. 

Your framework will be: your Wisdom, your Soul Archete, the gems in your Charts, your Skills, so that you can succinctly articulate the Results you bring people


This Mystery is hard to describe, yet it is the way to be in true ease & co-creative relationship with the needs and wants of the Earth and the honest direction of the Cosmos, especially as they synthesize through you, your life, and your destiny.

We will create a wealth building plan that incorporates personal fulfillment, soul driven wealth goals, and incorporate mission driven philathropy.

We will bring together Feeling Good, Being Wealthy & Giving Back as a lifestyle to choose for ourselves & generations to come (plus heal past generations)



You are sitting with Divine Inspiration and your deep relationship with Source; it is time to nurture and bring action in the best way that best serves you, your loved ones, those you will serve + the planet. 

After this program you will know the aligned, honest, upgraded way to recognize and respond to opportunities for you to grow & serve. 

This course will show you the path to regenerative work that is unique to you, so that you are provisioned to overflow, enjoy the process and know your destined way of thriving and serving with every bone in your body. 

The stories of the past are asking to let go and adapt new elegant ways of being & doing work.

Your Vision & voice matter and are urgently needed. 

This program is for people who want their work to matter in the world; whether you work in the corporate world or are in business for yourself, this sacred path of business is imperative and this program will open up your thriving in ways you thought was only available in your fantasies. Feeling good, being wealthy and giving back are our birthright. When we thrive, others allow themselves to thrive 

Your thriving matters.