Hi, I'm Asha, and I have always taken care of everyone - you know the strong one.

From being the oldest of five and being multigenerational responsible for family to balancing the throws of raising two daughters consciously while holding my career as vital to my being, I have held a lot.

Until I collapsed. Because no woman can hold it all.

We need each other, and most importantly, we need that Divine Power to carry us.

We forget. It’s not our fault.

We live in a world that wants us to be hyper independent so we can be separated.

But there is another way. 

Know Thyself

For me knowing myself came first. I believe that every single person needs to know their Vedic Astrology & Human Design in and out. There is no one size fits all. We each attract and grow both spiritually and financially in a unique way, and its pointless to read and learn how other people do it, if you don't know your unique strategy.


The other key part for me was Ceremony. I come from a Hindu lineage, yet I believe the sacred space and sacred listening that unfolds in ceremony is for everyone. We each have this within us, in our ancient ancestry. We have forgotten- again a ploy to keep us from our power, but I know for sure, this knowing comes back when we are in ceremony.

Sacred Commerce™

This has become a way of life for me. Imperfectly of course, as I navigate late stage capitalism, but earnestly, none the less.

Speaking of...

Sacred Commerce™

...I'd love to tell you a story about why this was so pivotal for me

I had been working & sharing my framework: Feel Good, Be Wealthy, Give Well since 2015. And it wasn’t until 2020 when I was leading a pilgrimage to Bali and by chance we went to a temple that literally mirrored this framework. This temple was protected by Dragon energy and supported by beekeeping community. These were key symbols in my framework. I came home after this trip and the 2020 pandemic erupted. I knew it was time to share Sacred Commerce™ and so I began to teach session after session on this framework and challenging us all to grow money differently and to shift the way we do business. 

I continue to consult for start-ups and established businesses in this model because to me Sacred Commerce™  is a remembrance of how at one time in herstory, we used to be in service to the Earth and her people’s wellbeing.

As a Modern Priestess to the Great Mother, I work with soulful and passionate people who want to make money as a way to create impact for themselves, their loved ones, humanity and the Earth.

Although my background is in Molecular Biology & Business Development, it is really my Spiritual lineage that has provided the true answers in life; together we merge the esoteric and the practical.