March 16 - 27, 2024

the calling

With the blessing and Patronage of Sekhmet & Hathor Goddesses and BLUE LOTUS Mystery, you are invited to answer the call of elegantly re-aligning your soul to this human journey.

Egypt IS the Mother Land especially for those of us who value connection to the Divine and our journey as humans to connect.

It is my belief that Egypt activates people in the way they most need and that supports them in their evolution. 

This trip is carefully curated to activate kundalini rising ; specific temples are chosen to activate the energy centers.

We will travel up the chakras along the Nile and the mystery of the trip, activates parts of yourself in potent gentle ways. What I also witness and am present to is that it seems as though people who travel there with the purpose of connecting to their Soul & Legacy, retrieve a part of themselves in the journey.

November 5 - 15, 2024

A Call of the Soul

India is a magical land that connects us in transforming deep ways to our soul… her energy, her people and ancestral dedication to connection to Goddess/ God.

This land supports our internal journey with unique experiences with her contrasts, and with Yogic philosophy.

Many of the spiritual practices we observe in the west come from or have been developed in India & to be in the land of such connection, brings us into deeper union with our soul.

This mystical land invites us to explore through inner reflection, elevated consciousness, deeper self-knowledge to ground our contribution & impact in this world.