Grace in Relationships

This episode is a micro dose of this complex topic: What is the right amount of grace in relationships? What is healthy boundaries ? And how can knowing our Human Design & Astrology help us?

Her Daughter: Venus Retrograde & Mary Magdalene

We are in a pivotal Astrological moment: Mary Magdalene's feast day, Venus Retrograde cycle ending and starting & a beautiful opportunity for us to remember we are indeed the Daughters of the Goddess.https://www.ashaisnow.com/motherline/

The Path of Divine Bliss

The journey of the Egyptian & Hindu Goddess archetypes as teachers of living the beauty & grace filled way without bypassing the fire of transformation

Birthing your New Self

There is a part of you dying and here's the invitation to allow for your personal holy birth. For more on the Priestess Code go to: https://www.ashaisnow.com/priestess

Your Dharma & the Beauty way

There is a way to evolve that does not cause us pain & suffering. Ancient texts and pragmatic life experiences give us answers to a more elegant way to be in the world. Download Dharma Archetypes at https://www.ashaisnow.com/dharma/

Healing The God & Goddess Within

Diving into gender, forgiveness of parents, and ancient archetypes & how we can resolve this break of God & Goddess from Divinity.

Ancient Soul in a Modern World

Soul ages and the soul archetypes that can help us have context to our life experiences, our relationships and our seasons in life and the full expression of our soul. Download Dharma Archetypes at https://www.ashaisnow.com/dharma/