Example of 3-month program

The Happiness Challenge


Enrolling the first FIVE (5) women ready to ELIMINATE Anxiety, Stress, and lack of Fulfillment by the end of Fall 2014.


Who you are:

  • You are a woman that believes you are worth spending time, energy and money to raise your Happiness vibration.
  • You are a woman that is tired of feeling anxious, stressed, and unfulfilled.
  • You are a woman that is ready to Reclaim Your Happiness and show up to do the work to make this happen.
  • You are a woman that recognizes that getting some help may be the tipping point to living happy & fulfilled.


You are not:

  • In victim mode.
  • Complain about life or others.
  • Not ready to do what it takes.


The program:

  • 3-month system to get you out of your anxious, stressed self and into your most authentic, fulfilled, happy Self.
  • You will re-program your brain to know peace & calm
  • Remove subconscious obstacles getting in your way
  • Set your happiness plan in motion


To qualify: 15 minute free consultation with Asha to determine your readiness, willingness, and to ensure we are a right match.


To schedule your 15 minute consult email ashastories@gmail.com or call (617)869-5000 by September 19,2014.

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