How higher dimensions direct our wealth reality
Secrets inspired by Inca & Vedic Teachings

If you're someone who's devoted to unlock your magic & wealth potential  and would like to know teachings that are not always available to the public (because they have been reserved for initiated students of ancient traditions) - this class is for you!
In this Masterclass you will learn practices & techniques inspired by the Hindu Vedas- the Living tradition of Ancient Ancestral teachings
simplified & energetically transmitted to:

* Clear outdated familial wealth patterns
* Fulfill your Divine Wealth destiny
* Overcome inner and outer fears
* Activate a clear path for your new wealth set-point

with our Beloved Master Teacher

KALKI DAS is a Vedic & Inca Priest, Jyotish Astrology Teacher, and Founder of JVL-Pachatusan School of Ancient Mysticism, who simplifies complex teachings so that the essence of the teachings comes alive in the seeker.

Through this masterclass, you will learn from Kalki Das and gain access to his wisdom, maintaining the Parampara (lineage teachings from teacher to student).

Kalki has a profound way of being a living transmission of truth. Although your conscious mind may not understand what is happening, his words, stories and presence emits an opening to our individual divine essence.

Everyone has to meet him!

To align human, soul & cosmos and direct the fulfillment of your destiny. Yes, even wealth is related to what the soul wants for fulfill!
Clarify what the Cosmos really want to tell us about being both spiritual & materially resourced.

Walk away knowing how family patterns affect our wealth potential and how we can receive the best from our family lineage.
Kalki is a gem and without a doubt, the class will be an activation into 2024.

You will most certainly feel transformed and filled with a vision of your wealth birthright.
Why this Masterclass?
It is time to clear the karmic patterns we have learned from family, culture or from other lives and anchor our medicine. The world needs this, the world needs you!

It is time to remove the veils of confusion around the worthiness of the fulfillment of our soul in this lifetime. The Vedas speak to the fulfilling:
  • PLEASURE - it is indeed spiritual to actualize our desires
  • PROSPERITY - it is time we welcome wealth & be resourced beyond our wildest imagination
  • PURPOSE - in order to find meaning in life, a clear purpose and direction facilitate the how
  • PRESENCE - we must balance all this with our deep connection to the Cosmos
In this class, we will offer techniques & practices to transcend our Karmic Triangle
HOSTED BY: Michelle Badillo & Asha D Ramakrishna

Michelle Badillo, Yoga Teacher and Social Media Influencer from Miami, and Asha D Ramakrishna, Spiritual Mentor & Modern Priestess living outside of Boston, MA both grew up in Venezuela. Now, they unite their passion for grounded spiritual teachings to share with others.



Join this free masterclass on
February 28, 2024

6pm EST/ 5pm CST/ 4pm MST/ 3pm PST
IF THIS speaks to YOU...
join us!
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from our past Masterclasses :
"Thank you thank you thank you for this remarkable profound Masterclass. No words, just big warm THANK YOU.

Thank you for offering this deep ancient wisdom that is so deep.

This Masterclass was a Masterpiece. "
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Deepthi Godessa
Spiritual Leader
"This Masterclass was so powerful! It was informational, practical, useful. It made me think about things very differently than I had been thinking.

It was a BIG SHIFT!
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 Hallie Lifson