Egypt Pilgrimage
March 16- March 27, 2024
ANCIENT KEMET (Egypt) is calling her children home. It's time to embody the beauty way and evolve consciousness of our planet.
the calling...
With the blessing and Patronage of Sekhmet & Hathor Goddesses and BLUE LOTUS Mystery, you are invited to answer the call of elegantly re-aligning your soul to this human journey.

Egypt IS the Mother Land especially for those of us who value connection to the Divine and our journey as humans to connect. It is my belief that Egypt activates people in the way they most need and that supports them in their evolution. I’m blown away from it and must encourage every person on the path to connect to Egypt. This trip is carefully curated to activate kundalini rising ; specific temples are chosen to activate the energy centers.

Essentially we will travel up the chakras along the Nile and the mystery of the trip, activates parts of yourself in potent gentle ways. What I also witness and am present to is that it seems as though people who travel there with the purpose of connecting to their Soul & Legacy, retrieve a part of themselves in the journey


My observation is that there is a subtle level of mystery healing and activations that happens without us even knowing. We travel up the Nile, and hence travel up our Chakra system, supported by the incantations in the temples, the rich land, and the unrelenting desire of our soul to align us on our more aligned path.

I have trained extensively with an Egyptian Hathor Priestess and Elders to bring the most grounded experience, cultivating cultural humility from all of us. May we be a blessing to this land and her people and may we be in deep listening to how they want us to talk.

So it is.
Permissions of the Mystery & Grounding of the path of Solar + Lunar Temples

Ceremonial offerings and permissions asking to enter the Akasha (soul records) and Halls of Amanti (records of all existence). In this space we ask to be given access to the parts of the Mystery that we have agency over, for the good of all.

Then we ask the Mysteries of the Solar + Lunar Temples at Abu Sambel at the muladhara chakra (root) to bless our journey.
Enter the Mystery

Day 1  Arrival Cairo
Your tour manager will meet and assist you at Cairo International Airport and then he will escort you to the hotel by exclusive air-conditioned deluxe vehicle. At the hotel, the tour manager will assist with a smooth check-in and review your holiday itinerary with you to establish and confirm pick-up times for each tour.
Overnight in Cairo.

Day 2  fly to Aswan -
Abu Simbel tour
We will visit the two Temples of Abu Simbel, with their unique style, are considered to be the masterpieces of ancient Egypt.

We see this as the Sacred Lunar & Sacred Solar Temples at our feet. The initiation of walking the path of the Goddess.

Board our private Dahabiya; a traditional private sail boat just for our group. We will have complete privacy for ritual & when time allows yoga in the morning.

At sunset, we will visit the  beautiful located Temple of Philae on Isis Island. This is a highlight for all Priestesses. This is the HOUSE OF MOTHER. In this temple both Isis and Hathor are venerated & felt. It's such a tender place!

Visits: Abu Simbel & Temple of Philae
Journey into the Goddess: Aset + Hut-Hor
{Isis + Hathor}

To worship at Philae Temple, the ancient temple of Isis & Hathor is the greatest of privileges of any modern Mystic or Priestess. To make offerings in her waters and allow her beauty and grace to bless us is a great gift. We always arrive in the spirit of giving and blessing her and her land. Then the doors and gifts opened are but a bonus.

Experience the easy flow of the Nile as we cruise along her calm waters and arrive at Kom Ombo to face the healing work of the shadows and the access point of great courage from within. One of the favorites!

The way we travel through Egypt is unlike most other tours.
Womb of Goddess

Day Kom Ombo Temple. This is the temple of facing our shadows and our light, and marrying the two. This is one of the most energetically powerful temples, as it depicts ancient medicine/ surgeries, lunar calendars, and the energy of making friends with our shadow.

Visits: Temple of Kom Ombo

Day Sail on the Nile. Potential stop at Esna or Edfu temples. An initiatory Nile anointing in the sacred Nile waters.

The Beauty Way

The intersection in the journey where we vow towards the beauty way ; the way of evolving through grace and release any evolution through suffering. The Mystery becomes our ally in the new dreaming and the expression of our Truth for our flourishing and for the flourishing of the Earth and Civilization becomes alive.

Yes yes yes!!!!
the Deep Mystery

Day 5  Arrive at Luxor. Visit Luxur Temple; the Lunar Temple.

Day 6 Karnak Temple; the Solar Temple.

We do this temple very differently than most other tours. We spend the whole day here to visit the Goddess Sekhmet. We also visit hidden temples not usually visited by most.

Day 7 Check out early from the boat & take bus to Dendera. The temple of Hathor; the Goddess of Beauty, Dance, Sacred Sexuality, and an anointing Priestess. Here we will see original Egyptian astrology maps and feel one of the most peaceful sultry temples.

Flight to Cairo.

Star Ancestors & the Blue Lotus Prophecy

Paying respects to our Star Ancestors and aligning to their wisdom will be part of the sacred path we will melt into at this temple to the Ancestors.

Close to this temple a Blue Lotus Elder is protecting the lineage. As we purify our hearts, we will be given an opportunity to help cultivate a Blue Lotus pond. There is a prophecy that when the Blue Lotus is flourishing in the Nile, Egypt's exuberance will return. Egypt is in many ways an energetic activator to our planet. And we are lucky enough to have been asked to participate in the actualizing of this prophecy; financially and with our own hands.
Ancestors & Activations
Day 8  Sakkara Temple & Blue Lotus Sanctuary

Visit the Step Pyramid of Zoser (Sakkara), the temple to our star ancestors. A profoundly mystical experience of connecting to our star beam essence.

Lunch at a special Blue Lotus sanctuary. Sit and meditate with the Elder who is one of three original Blue Lotus keepers. This is a transmission and a treat to be able to sit in this sanctuary to learn and meditate.

Part of our proceeds is being used to fund an additional Blue Lotus pond. It is a story I will have to share with you because your life will be transformed by this medicine.

Sound Healing after dinner

Day 9 Private Visit to the Great Pyramid of Cheops - Cairo Day Tour

Private Visit inside Great Pyramid of Cheops (about 60 till 90 minutes) early morning. Then proceed to visit the Great Sphinx, which holds the mystery of Kemet (Egypt)

Being inside the Great Pyramids is life altering experience; you cannot unsee, unhear, and unfeel what is experienced here.

Then have your lunch at a local restaurant and have option to visit the Egyptian Museum, which features artifacts from the Pharaonic period. The museum displays a rare collection of 5000 years of art which is considered the largest most precious collection of Egyptian art in the world. Over 250,000 artifacts are presented.

Day 10  Final Departure - Fly Back Home
Breakfast at the hotel with free time at your leisure, then you will be transferred to Cairo International Airport for your final departure.

Your Spiritual Guide

#1 Best Selling Author of the book "The Priestess Code: Awakening the Modern Woman," where Feminine Principles are revealed for a more organic and harmonious approach to life. With a background in molecular biology and business development, she breaks Sun, Moon & Earth wisdom into practical logical approaches to living.

Asha is a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking & incorporates philosophies such as Feng Shui, Karma Healing, Human Design, to name a few.

She is originally from Venezuela and is also Indian. She currently lives in Harvard, MA (occupied Nipmuc land) with her soul mate, two human daughters, and a 50 pound Portuguese Water Dog.

Asha has cultivated a relationship with the Sacred land of Kemet in a way that those who travel with her receive doors opened during and after their trip that is beyond their heart's desire. She is a daughter of the Mystery who understands that her job is only to listen to the current lineage holders and help in ways they ask her to.

In this trip we will be able to access Egyptian lineage holder teachings and be assistance to progress the Blue Lotus prophesy through two of the Blue Lotus keepers.

She is a Priestess of the Goddess

Do you feel the Sacred YES!


March 16- 27, 2024

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We take great care in ensuring you have the most aligned roommate!
6-month payment plan
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What's Included:

  •       Meet and greet service by our representatives at airports
  •       Assistance of our guest relations during your stay
  •       All transfers to/from airport & hotel by a private air-conditioned vehicle 
  •       Domestic flight ticket (Cairo / Aswan & Luxor / Cairo).
  •       Accommodations starting March 16 and departing March 25.
  •       All sightseeing tours in Cairo & Giza
  •       Private Visit to the Great Pyramid of Cheops (60-90 minutes)
  •       A private day tour to Abu Simble from Aswan by car.
  •       Tour to Dendera
  •       All sightseeing tours on the cruise (private tours).      
  •       Local English-speaking tour guide during your trips
  •       Entrance fees to all sites as indicated on the itinerary
  •       Meals at hotel, Nile cruise and during your tours as mentioned in the itinerary
  •       Portage when needed
  •       All service charges and taxes

What's excluded :               

  •       International Airfare
  •       Entry visa to Egypt
  •       Entrance fees to special archaeological sites like (Tutankhamen Tomb at Valley of the Kings)
  •       Any optional tours
  •       Personal spendings
  •       Tipping
We are deeply vested in walking with as much cultural humility as possible. We are all learning to be better stewards. Part of the proceeds of this Pilgrimage will go to a trusted organization that houses, feeds, clothes, and educates young girls. We will also be donating to support the Blue Lotus Elder will will visit so that he can build additional ponds in the Sanctuary.
From our previous Egypt Pilgrimage:
I’ve worked with Asha for multiple years in numerous beautiful offerings and will always be grateful our paths crossed years ago.  Egypt was my 2nd pilgrimage with her and I continue to struggle with my words around the experience she was able to lay at our feet.    
I have always craved deep connections with like minded women so although it may seem intimidating doing sacred work with essentially strangers, Asha alleviates that quickly with ceremonies and gatherings to begin setting the sacred vessel.  She went above and beyond on the first night which allowed immediate drop in for a private sunrise tour of the Sphinx day 1.  
The itinerary was laid to allow a beautiful flow through the lands in addition to building on the energy of the experience in a divine layering effect.  Although there were aspects that were challenging, as can happen with international traveling and doing deep ancestral work, we received any that arose as part of the journey and as feedback and opportunities to work with to continue evolving.
Asha handled questions throughout the pilgrimage with ease, flowed through timing or scheduling conflicts out of her hands seamlessly and effortlessly worked with our phenomenal local guide to provide a radically profound, life altering experience where I have walked away forever impacted at my core.  
There are no words to appropriately share this journey.  I encourage anyone who is feeling a call to deep inner work that influences not only your life in a magical and impactful way but the lives around you and beyond to connect with her and learn more around this offering
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Krissy Couch
REALTOR®, Licensed in NH & ME
The Egypt pilgrimage with Asha was life changing. I had never done anything like this before and didn’t know what to expect. Every aspect of the trip was meticulously planned with love and genuine respect for the Egyptian land, people, history and energies. The schedule was full and it was exactly what was needed to fit in so much beauty, exploration, and devotion to the Mystery. I was transformed by this experience and am eternally grateful for the new perspective it brought to all areas of my life.

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Nurse Practitioner
Egypt was a threshold crossed for me. It felt like this pilgrimage was a marker in my life that initiated me to completing a depth on inner and outer work that I had been focused on for two years. On the other side of this threshold, when I returned home, it was like doorways and pathways continued to open for me. The money started pouring in, the opportunities started pouring in, and my relationship began to flourish in new ways. Coming home from this journey began a month long celebration of my life’s work.
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Nikki Ananda
Integration Coach
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