Exploring Consciousness through Ancient Vedic Teachings

If you're someone who's seeking to expand consciousness and elevate your spiritual growth & want to elevate in a conscious way, then you've come to the right place.

Welcome to the world of ancient Vedic practices, where you can unlock the power of the ninth dimension. This state of consciousness is not only attainable but can assist in the fulfillment of your destiny.

In this Masterclass you will learn how to systematically experience the highest levels of consciousness.

Learn from a Master Teacher

KALKI DAS is a Vedic & Inca Priest, Jyotish Astrology Teacher, and Founder of JVL-Pachatusan School of Ancient Mysticism, who simplifies complex teachings so that the essence of the teachings comes alive in the seeker.

Through this masterclass, you will learn from Kalki Das and gain access to his wisdom, maintaining the Parampara (lineage teachings from teacher to student).

Kalki has a profound way of being a living transmission of truth. Although your conscious mind may not understand what is happening, his words, stories and presence emits an opening to our individual divine essence.

Everyone has to meet him!

Grounded in the rich history and wisdom of ancient texts, we will provide a foundation for your spiritual journey
You will tap into this power and learn how to activating your divine DNA  
 Harness & reach new levels of consciousness and spiritual understanding through activation of your divine power 
Learn the the Vedic pathway to truly activate your DNA, beyond New Age fluff
  Integration of Divine & Human Body through initiation and waking up of your divine body; learn the process to then integrate your human experience
 Learn the true Cosmic & Human divine partnership 
Why this Masterclass?
Many of us have heard and read about New Age teachings that speak of higher dimensions, where we can access higher truths.

Although parts of us resonate with higher consciousness levels, very few teachers have substantiated and grounded the truth of higher levels of dimensions where we have the power to affect this earthly reality.

This stops today because the Vedas have the answers you are looking for!

The tricky part is that few Priests and Priestesses of the Hindu/ Vedic traditions openly speak about the secrets & the mystery.

Until today...

We are so glad that you have found your way to this free Masterclass!

HOSTED BY: Michelle Badillo & Asha D Ramakrishna

Michelle Badillo, Yoga Teacher and Social Media Influencer from Miami, and Asha D Ramakrishna, Spiritual Mentor & Modern Priestess living outside of Boston, MA both grew up in Venezuela. Now, they unite their passion for grounded spiritual teachings to share with others.



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