Discover your DHARMA (Purpose) Archetype + Learn How to Activate Her.

Your gifts are waiting to be discovered. Start leveraging your inner genius today!



As a Spiritual + Business Mentor I work with soulful and smart  Entrepreneurs who want to have personal fulfillment, balance & luscious profits.

I believe that the model of success is more simple than most people think. Because when you get to the heart of what you really want and have the right cutting edge business tools, you'll work smarter not harder, and easily achieve your life and financial goals.

Having been trained as a Molecular Biologist and having led a $13M International organization into double digit growth (in an economy where 3% was the industry norm) I discovered my passion for finding the genius in individuals and devising profit-driven models that aligned with the teams and talent already in place.

Basically, I work with who you are, what you are good at, and help you make the kind of money you want