What would it feel like to know with absolute certainty that you are in the right place, doing exactly what you are meant to do?  

Join Asha as she teaches and guides you through learning the natural processes involved in the Nine Star Ki.  Learn how to calculate your own chart, what it means, and how it can benefit your health, relationships, marriage, business, and family!

And get your very own birth reading as a special thank-you for joining the class!


Hold on a sec, what is this Nine Star Ki all about?

Nine Star Ki  (ki is the Japanese word for energy or life-force) is one of the oldest forms of astrology still used on the planet today.  This system is connected to the book of the I Ching, which is also responsible for other Eastern teachings such as: acupuncture and Feng Shui.
This Ancient astrological system helps us to understand the constant changes that make up our lives.  If you really think about it, everything in life is in flux—in constant motion.  Life is made up of seasons, of calculated and gradual changes, that we use to assess our lives.  Measuring these changes allows us to better understand our behavior, and helps us prepare for what lies ahead. 

How Is This Different From The Tarot, or Western Astrology?
Nine Star Ki is a natural process.  Meaning, that it focuses on the natural rhythms of the earth.  It is sometimes referred to as Feng Shui astrology, and doesn’t rely on ruling planets or star signs.  Everything that the Nine Star Ki system teaches is connected to how your natural psychological and physiological processes function. 

So How Exactly Does The 9 Star Ki System Work?
The 9 Star Ki is a branch of Chinese Astrology that believes that energy is constantly moving.  As Einstein said, energy cannot be created or destroyed.  The Chinese believed that energy constantly alternates between two extremes: yin (female energy) and yang (masculine energy.)  This doesn’t mean that one shows up in a tuxedo and the other in a wedding dress.  What it does mean, however, is that there are specific periods of your life where you will be yin (growing and expanding) and periods where you will be yang (contracting and gathering.)  This is continuously going on in your life, whether you are aware of it or not. The key is to be aware of it and to work with nature, instead of against it. 

How Can Learning Nine Star Ki Help Me?
The 9 Star Ki can help you to learn where to focus your attention and energy by helping you adapt to change.  By being aware of the natural evolution of life, you can feel more at ease with changes that are going on in your life. 

How Do the Cycles Work?

This system focuses on 5 energy elements: water, wood (tree), fire, metal, and water again (completing the cycle.) Each element represents a different stage of your life.  Using the Nine Star Ki you can determine where you are at, and what the most appropriate course of action will be, according to your unique chart. 
This system starts with water, which is dormant.  As it begins to move it goes upward forming the tree energy.  Next, it gets to its hottest point, which is fire.  Then, it begins to slow down and form a solid, yang metal.  Finally, it transforms back into water, where it repeats the cycle.  Each day of our calendar represents one of nine numbers in the 9 Star Ki system.  Your birthday and other important dates can be better understood by doing a personal chart reading.  However, much like Feng Shui, Western Astrology, Tarot or any other system, your own intuition and guidance are to be used when assessing what a particular reading means for you. 

How Can This Help My Life and My Business?

Harnessing the power of this ancient system is a great enhancement to your current spiritual practice.  Whether you practice yoga, meditation, or follow another system such as working with crystals, Western Astrology, etc. —this system can give you a natural understanding of how energy on the planet shifts, as according to Ancient Chinese teachings.
Knowing these cycles is also important to help you understand how to plan your business year after year.

Wait, I Can Plan My Business Around This System?
You sure can!  In fact, I encourage it!  The more you know about what your year looks like and means, the better you can understand what you need to do in order to find the greatest success.  Some years your focus should be placed on family, or health.  In 9 years (for example) the time is ripe for writing a book, and getting your message out there on a grand scale.  The more you know, the better prepared you can be to enjoy success in every season of your life and business.

When is this online class offered?
This class will be 100% online, so that people from all around the world can join us and share in the learning.  The date for this class is Feb……. and it may never be offered again! 
Time of the class is 7-9pm ESTClasses that teach the Nine Star Ki are very rare.  Additionally, the work of connecting entrepreneurship with spiritual studies is even more extraordinary—so don’t delay!  Asha may not be offering this class again! 

Who Is Asha?

Asha Ramakrishna is a spiritual and business mentor.  She is a trained Molecular Biologist and has also led a $13M International organization into double-digit growth.  She teaches her clients how to generate revenue, how to be confident in their business approach, and how to connect and foster a deeper relationship with their true calling.  She teaches a methodology called WOMANesting, which is a unique approach to popular beliefs on manifestation principles—designed especially for the soulful and entrepreneur-savvy woman!  Asha also offers group and private coaching, as well as specialized retreats.